6 Oct 2011




9 Apr 2010

Embrace the houses!!!

These people are from the old fishermans neighbourhood in Valencia: El Cabanyal. The city council wants to bury it under a layer of concrete and make new tall and fashionable buildings and boulevards for rich people. Pure property speculation. The problem is more complicated than that but you can get an idea here (für meine deutsche freunde, it´s in german..) and here you will find some incidents from the last days where we have been fighting against demolition. Sorry I don´t have any link in english.

22 Mar 2010

6 Mar 2010


5 Mar 2010


26 Feb 2010


This a sample from an animation I´m working on. It´s short but tasty. I´m sorry but the original file (quicktime) was playing the video as a loop but the blogger file is not doing it, don´t know why...

24 Feb 2010

Ink sketches

18 Feb 2010

Waning places

I found this on one of my sketchbooks, is the terrace i was working on summer:

And this a guy who always asked for a decaffeinated expresso with skimmed milk and light edulcorant served in a little glass:

16 Feb 2010


Last job I made for a film (can´t tell the name yet). It´s kind of storyboard, but more close to advertising storyboards than usual stories for films, because it´s full colour and more detailed. The target was to make it very eye-catching to achieve the collaboration of a well-known hotel company in the film. Can you guess at what country is happening the action? (hope so)

28 Jan 2010

Camí al mar 7:50 am (Way to the sea)

I keep doing my watercolour sketchs at night - morning...

27 Jan 2010

26 Jan 2010

No arryhthmia

Homme avec chat (Montreal)

Engendritos 2010!!

Happy new bear to everybody! (a little late)
I made some mural work for Burjassot´s council (a town next to Valencia). It´s on a new building for young people and social activities, they have rehearsing rooms and things like that.

24 Dec 2009


With all that cold all the time, she felt half Mohawk - half Inuit

23 Dec 2009

Petit frère

My brother is back today!! This is an old portrait and he seems to be angry but actually I think he was getting sick because of the TV show..

17 Dec 2009

Quartier Latin

Sorry but I´m quite bussy and not very inspired right now...

12 Dec 2009

Montréal a la nuit

Cette est pour les amis Gaby et Romain!!
Merci par tout!
(pardon mon français!)

6 Dec 2009

Be Late

4 Dec 2009

28 Nov 2009

26 Nov 2009

Kleine svester

24 Nov 2009

Illustration for la Puerta de Tannhaüser

La Puerta de Tannhaüser (Door of Tannhaüser) it´s a colective illustration blog. Every two weeks there´s a new subject and everybody does his own vision of it. Las week was about The Immortals, and I presented this (two immortals sharing a flat).

11 Nov 2009

Le Patraix Festival!

I´m sorry, don´t know how to translate this one and make it funny. It´s a comic for a cool agenda that my friends at Le Patraix Festival collective are bringing out. More information at Green Banquito or Patraix Festival.

9 Nov 2009

Work in progress...

Some colour research from the comic I´m working on.

7 Nov 2009

2 Nov 2009

Ear orgasm

1 Nov 2009

Chocolate calendar for Intermón-Oxfam

This is a pretty old illustration I was going to use for a postcard but finally it became a christmas calendar (only with christmas dates) for Intermon Oxfam.
So those of you who are into the Xmas thing and want to collaborate with fair-trade this is your present for december. Here is the link for the Intermón shop site (in spanish...)
Under every date´s flap there´s a little chocolate (with cacao from Dominican Republic and Peru) wich will be a sweet surprise for the kids.

I admit that this sort of collaboration (buying things) is kind of easy or lazy but this people is fighting for a different way of commerce (and much more), having in mind not the economic interests of a single company but the effort, dignity and interests of the producers/workers at several countries around the world. So I suppose any help is welcome.

Thanx to Rocío and special thanx to Gabri (the fairy fellow again...)

30 Oct 2009

Les tendetes 5am

Les tendetes is the area where I live in the farmlands surrounding Valencia

29 Oct 2009


Some line research of a character I have in mind...